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"I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure." 

-Eric Liddell

What is Performance Peace?

At any level of competition, our mindset is a crucial part of what we do. We all have a mindset that has been shaped and formed by our experiences, beliefs, and desires. The more we are aware of our mindset the more we are able to shape it beneficially in helping us compete, and deal with the uncertainties of life in and out of the competition. Performance Peace helps to mold the competitor's mind to think and compete with the Peace of Christ, through “soul training” and mental conditioning exercises. Instead of sport psychology, Performance Peace is sport soulcology with implications in this life and the next. 

Why do it?

God created us to enjoy His presence and peace in all of life. The more we press into who He is, and how Christ has changed everything about us, the more we thrive in God’s world. When we operate in understanding and alignment with His purposes, we are able to maximize the potential God has given each one of us. Not only does this influence our performance, but our performance will, in turn, train us in godliness, which benefits this life and the one to come. God created every athlete and coach, the world we live in, and knows how we should operate in this life. It's no surprise that many of the effective techniques used in sport psychology, mindfulness, and mental conditioning, are found in the Bible. The difference is that these disciplines are used to serve sport, whereas the Bible utilizes sport to serve as a discipline for Christians. We are called to to know, become like, and become useful to Christ, in all we do, including competition. 

Who is it for?

Performance Peace is for those that want to grow in their ability to use the gifts and opportunities God has given them, while navigating the obstacles of life. Anyone that wants to go deeper in their understanding of how God would have us to live and how that affects competition will benefit. Who we are in Christ puts everything into it’s proper perspective. Performance Peace is for any those curious about Christianity and its implications, as well as those that have been walking in the faith for years but want to go deeper.